Greengate School Visit

21 May, 2008

Chris Simpson, Todd Steigerwald, Marcia Ramsey of Greengate School, Don Gutknecht, Mike Alvarez, and Barry King.

Venturi Brighter Day was invited to visit The Greengate School for a tour and program. The Greengate School was a recipient of a Venturi Brighter Day Employee Fund grant.

The Greengate School’s mission is to educate and support children with specific learning differences in reading, spelling, or writing so that they may realize their full potential. The Greengate School was recently awarded a $5000 grant by the Venturi Brighter Day Fund to be used to defer costs for the Orton-Gillingham training program. This program, offered by Greengate School to educators and parents from all over Alabama plus some surrounding states, provides training on how to teach children with dyslexia. To learn more about this program or The Greengate School, visit their website here.

The Greengate School Visit

On 20 May 2008, Employees of Venturi were invited to tour The Greengate School: the reading difference. After the tour, the students at Greengate put on a program that demonstrated how the different regions of the brain interact when doing the most basic of functions and how the brain may have trouble when asked to do certain things. A book signed by all the students was given to the employees as a token of their thanks for the recent support that Venturi Brighter Day Employee Fund had given them.

Venturi Employees are greeted by a sign made by the Greengate School Students

Some find it not so easy to complete the program's exercises

Greengate students present a program for the visitors from Venturi Brighter Day

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