How the Program Works

The Venturi Brighter Day Employee Fund helps local non-profit organizations through service and monetary contributions that benefit the areas where Venturi employees live.

The fund enables us to show we are not only great professionals, but caring individuals who wish to help where we can. 90% of the program funds are designated for local non-profit organizations and 10% is set aside for disaster relief such as for hurricanes or other unexpected events.

Grants are awarded no less than twice a year, with a goal of quarterly awards.

100% of Gifts Usable — No Administrative Costs

The Venturi Brighter Day Employee Fund allows us to give back to our local community while avoiding unnecessary deductions from the generous contributions of our employees. Venturi, LLC. covers all the administrative costs — 100% of our fund is used to help others.

The Board

Volunteers from within Venturi participate on the board that manages the fund. The board is composed of several key members: President, Treasurer, Company Representative, Solicitors, and Members at Large. The board has the overall responsibility to choose which organizations receive gifts from the Venturi Brighter Day Employee Fund.

The Grant Committee

The Grant Committee reviews grant applications to ensure eligibility of the applicants based on the bylaws established for the fund. The committee also rates and reduces the number of applicants to a manageable amount for the board to review and select for a grant award.