Bags of Blessing October 2014

6 November, 2014

Seventeen Venturi Brighter Day members and family members gathered at the CARE Center in New Hope, AL to support the Bags of Blessings program. Bags of Blessings provides weekend and school break meal packs to school kids on the free breakfast and lunch programs. Together with volunteers from other Madison county businesses and groups, our volunteers packed 430 reusable canvas bags with assorted food items. These bags will be discretely provided to children on the Friday prior to their fall break from school. The CARE Center holds packing nights twice a month during the school year and runs a very organized process. The total event took just over 30 minutes. We send a heartfelt “Thanks” to The CARE Center for the opportunity to assist with the “Bags of Blessings” packing night.

Two ladies packing canvas bags.

Packing the bags.


Man finding space on storage shelves full of packages.

Rows of packages.


Three men talking together.

Ready to pack.

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