Fourth Quarter 2008

2 January, 2009

At the Quarterly Venturi Awards Breakfast on January 2, 2009, the Venturi Brighter Employee Fund awarded two large grants. These awards marked the end of the first complete year of giving by the Venturi Brighter Day Employee Fund with 12 gifts given, totaling over $46,000.00. This quarter’s recipients were Junior Achievement of Northern Alabama (JANA), and Health Establishments at Local Schools (HEALS).

Receiving a grant for $2500.00, Junior Achievement of North Alabama (JANA) will be putting it towards purchasing additional teaching packs for use in local schools. Volunteer professionals use these packs to help bring the outside world into the classroom thus demonstrating the impact that education will have on the students’ lives and future careers. Accepting the gift was Leah Amos, Executive Director for JANA, Inc.

Above: Chris Simpson presents JANA Executive Director, Leah Amos, with a check from the Employees of Venturi.

Health Establishments at Local Schools (HEALS) received a grant for $5000.00. HEALS provides free medical and dental care to children within local schools throughout our community. They plan on using the grant within two of their programs, Indigent Medical Fund and Heels for HEALS Program. The Indigent Medical Fund provides funds to pay for prescription medicine for children who do not have medical insurance. The Heels for HEALS Program encourages parents to bring their child in for an EPSDT (well-child checkup) by giving the child a pair of new shoes upon completing the EPSDT. Both of these programs go far in improving the health and wellness of our community’s children. Accepting the check was Tracey Wright, Executive Director for HEALS, Inc.

Above: Tracey Wright, Executive Director for HEALS, Inc., receives a check from the Employees of Venturi.

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